Keir Simmons

Client Manager - Mocks

Keir is one of Winterwood’s Client Managers. He has completed a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in the Psychology of Social Relations, taking a particular interest in the Psychology of Education. Before working at Winterwood, he worked in a tuition centre as an Assistant Manager, and also as a private Maths tutor. In this time, he saw the importance and benefit of feedback to a student’s family and knowing the details of the student’s exams. Keir has experience in tutoring group classes and one on one lessons. While he enjoyed both, Keir particularly enjoyed planning and delivering tailored lessons to individual students.

Keir works closely with the families he manages, ensuring tutors are fully briefed before meeting a new student, checks in regularly to see how the lessons are going, and lets families know about other services we offer that he believes would be useful for them. Keir is also responsible for managing mock exam events and in house mocks for families, ensuring these are arranged effortlessly and tailored comprehensive feedback is given to participating families. Any questions about the mock exam events can be directed to Keir at keir.simmons@winterwoodtutors.co.uk.