Mock Exams

At Winterwood, our mock exams are not just a test of ability. We offer a carefully structured programme of mock exams leading up to the point of assessment, allowing us to appraise how our students work, what they are finding difficult, and how best to intercede in order to ensure success. We offer mock exams singly, as a yearly programme, or a bespoke service tailored towards a particular point of assessment. Please enquire more to find out about our mock exam services.

Entrance Exam mocks

We offer exams geared towards the multiple-choice, reasoning based exams that students will take for entry to independent schools at 11+ and 13+. These exams are designed to replicate the structure and format of the boys’ ISEB pretests, and the CEM exams taken by applicants to leading girls’ schools and major boarding schools.

Example of Schools Using Similar Exams Systems

11+ & 13+ ISEB Options (Boys): St Paul’s (11 & 13), Westminster (11 & 13), City of London (13), Harrow (13), Eton (13), Wellington (11 & 13), King’s College (11 & 13), Brighton College (13), Bradfield College (13), Radley College (13)

11+ CEM Options (Girls): St Paul’s Girls’ School, Godolphin & Latymer, South Hampstead, Francis Holland, Channing, Queens Gate School, Queen’s College, More House, St James’ School

Major Boarding Schools with CEM Exams: Eton College, Harrow School, Winchester College, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Wycome Abbey


Many parents – and tutors – find it hard to distinguish between the two exam systems. Broadly, they are similar. They are both exams founded in multiple-choice, reasoning based systems. The distinction lies in both format and question types. ISEB pretest exams are taken ‘online’ (via a laptop), whereas most CEM exams are paper-based. There are also minor distinctions in question type. Although both systems test English, maths, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning, CEM places more emphasis on spatial reasoning, inferring vocabulary without context, and syntax and sentence structure. Conversely, the ISEB pretest will also more rigorously test quantitative reasoning (codes, critical reasoning, sequences and alphabet questions) and spelling, punctuation and grammar. Although there is a distinction in both format and content, they are very similar assessments – and it is perfectly possible to cross-prepare.

How is this handled at Winterwood?

At Winterwood, our exams are built by experienced industry professionals, with ten years or more of teaching and tutoring experience. They are designed to help assess and prepare for both exam systems. We also pass this expertise on to our tutors, who are trained in the specific differences and question types used by each exam system.